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The Department of Business Administration offers a bachelor's degree in business administration in two concentrations:
Business Administration and Global Finance. Students are required to acquire at least 132 credits and typically spend 8 semesters finishing their degrees.
Approximately 1,800 students are enrolled in the undergraduate programs.

The undergraduate programs of CBS recruit very talented students, creating a highly competitive admission.
The acceptance rate of the early admission ranges between 1.5% and 3%, and the regular admission between 5% and 10%.
Moreover, the average score of incoming students in the College Scholastic Aptitude Test belongs to upper 2~3%.

The Department offers a wide range of business courses taught by nationally recognized faculty members.
Adjunct faculty members with prominent professional qualifications are actively involved in teaching the courses with particular emphases on practical issues.

Business Administration

The curriculum of Business Administration concentration consists of three pillars: foundation, required, and elective courses. Foundation courses are primarily offered to freshmen and are thought to be the stepping stones for further studies, including Principles of Management, Introduction to Economics, Principles of Accounting, Introduction to Business Statistics, and Debate in Business.

Required curriculum is comprised of seven courses, and is intended to provide core knowledge in various fields of business and management, including Financial Accounting, Financial Management, Marketing, Organizational Behavior, Management Information System, Management Science, and Management Strategy.

More than 40 elective courses are also offered to help students acquire in-depth knowledge in various sub-fields of business and management.

Global Finance

Global Finance concentration is a specialized undergraduate program focusing on finance and accounting. CBS admits 50 students each year, making this one of the most selective programs among all undergraduate programs Chung-Ang University offers.

Started in 2011, the program seeks innovative students ready to absorb in-depth academic knowledge while taking on real world problems. With the program tailored toward teaching students to strive for ‘Premier Leaguers’ in the business and finance sector, courses are designed for serious learners and practical thinkers.

The program is broken down to four years of systematic education. In the first year, students learn the basics of economics, statistics, and accounting. In the second year, students take core courses in management with special emphases on finance and accounting.

The third and fourth are ‘practical’ years where students will learn advance theory in finance and accounting with strong emphasis on real-world application. Opportunities such as on-site practice and internships will be offered.

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