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Message from the Dean


Chung-Ang University Business School (CBS) was started in 1955 as the first department for undergraduate business education in Korea. It has since become one of the largest business schools in the nation, offering various degree and non-degree programs.

Since its formation, CBS has dedicated itself to training students to become innovative leaders and entrepreneurs. We are very proud of the outstanding achievements of our graduates in diverse areas such as business, accounting, consulting, and public services. CBS has more than 80 faculty members dedicated to quality research and education. We also maintain strong ties with the alumni association and corporate communities, whose generous support has provided priceless resources for CBS.

We will continue our effort to become a world-class business school in research, education,
and service to our community as visioned in our mission.

Gyutag Oh, Ph.D.

Dean, Chung-Ang University Business School

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